Electric Razor Burn Treatment & Preventions

electric razor burn treatment

Electric Razor Burn Treatment, Preventions, and Shaving Tips

Electric razor burn can turn out to be a painful side effect of shaving and unfortunately, they are very common even in men with not-so-sensitive skin.

If you’ve experienced this, there are several remedies to apply to get relief.

What is Electric Razor Burn?

Electric razor burn refers to a red rash that appears on the skin after shaving. You might also notice itching, small red bumps, and a burning or hot sensation on the area.

The symptoms can happen in any area including your face and pubic area and will cause you some discomfort.

In most cases, razor burn is temporary and will go away with time, but if you won’t want to wait, there are several things you can do to get relief and speed up the healing process.

Electric Razor Burn Treatment

  • If the area feels heated or itches, apply a cold washcloth to the area to calm the skin. You can also apply aloe or avocado oil to cool the area.
  • if the skin is feeling dry or irritated, then you would have to apply an emollient. Rinse the skin and pat it dry. Avoid rubbing the affected area as it would worsen the situation. Once the skin is dry, apply the emollient. This could be any moisturizer of choice. Ensure that product is alcohol-free or it could lead to more problems. Go for natural products or use coconut oil.
  • If the razor burn leads to inflammation, you could go for over-the-counter options like topical creams. Go for products containing hydrocortisone as it will help treat the redness and inflammation.

How To Prevent Razor Burn

  • Always check for sharp blades: Whether you are shaving or trimming with a hair trimmer always check your blades, dull blades cause more friction that irritates the skin and leads to razor burn. You would have to take more than one pass with a dull razor to cut hair which will increase your chances of experiencing irritation and itching after shaving. Always ensure that the blades of your electric razor are sharp or better still, only purchase electric razors with self-sharpening technology.
  • Shave less often: While changing your shaving routine will be beneficial, the reason for razor burn could due to skin sensitivity. If your skin is too sensitive, shaving very often could lead to irritation and razor burn. You would have to shave less often to prevent this from happening.

Tips on Shaving With an Electric Razor

Use a Mirror: Electric razor burn on the pubes can be easily prevented by using a mirror while shaving. This will help you get a better view of the area to move with the right pressure and not go too hard.

You will have to get a handheld mirror for this. Also, you should only shave in front of a mirror if you’re giving yourself some facial grooming.

Soften Your Skin Before Shaving: While dry shaving will save you time, it could lead to several side effects such as razor burn. Before shaving, you should take a hot shower to allow your skin and the hair to soften.

Use Shaving Cream: Whether you’re shaving your pubes or face, using shaving creams will save you from irritation, inflammation, and razor burn.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, razor burn is usually a result of poor shaving techniques. If you’re yet to get used to shaving your pubic hair with an electric razor, you might encounter this problem now and then.

However, razor burn isn’t usually a problem that would lead to serious complications but still, if the symptoms don’t go away with a few days, it would be best to contact your doctor.

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