How To Stop Pubic Hair Itching When Growing Back

how to stop pubic hair itching when growing back

Guide On How To Stop Pubic Hair Itching When Growing Back

Shaving your pubes gives you that smooth, clean look that makes you feel alive down there, but for many people, this comes with many side effects including the uncomfortable itch that never seems to go away.

For others, red bumps and ingrown hairs are a bigger problem leading to discomfort and reluctance to shave again.

If you experiencing itching after trimming or shaving your pubic hair or when the hair starts to grow back, there are reasons for this.

What Causes Pubic Hair Itch When Growing Back

Pubic hair itch when growing back is quite different from itchy skin after shaving. You could blame it on the razor or the use of poor shaving techniques which are the most common reasons for itching right after shaving.

However, when it comes to itching when hair is growing back, the reasons are more or less the same. Pubic hair itch when growing back is caused by poor shaving skills and ingrown hair.

In some cases, these hairs will never fully become ingrown hairs but the itching will persist until the hair fully breaks out of the skin’s surface.

How To Stop Pubic Hair Itching When Growing Back

Apply a Warm Compress

Get a warm, damp washcloth and compress your pubes. You can enhance the healing process by adding a small amount of sea salt to the water solution on the washcloth.

What does this do?

This is one of the most common ways of dealing with itching after shaving or when hair is growing back. This will loosen up the skin allowing any trapped hair to grow normally thereby stopping the itching.

Apply an All-natural Moisturizer

You can shop around for a cooling, hypoallergenic moisturizer but only go for those with all-natural ingredients.

More specifically, look for a moisturizer with Aloe Vera or any with anecdotal healing properties. This moisturizer will soothe your skin and calm any irritation.

Use White Tea Bags

A natural remedy to your itching problem would be to use tea bags to bring down the inflammation. These contain tannic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

To use, you need to let the tea bags cool down properly before placing them against your skin. Even better, place them in the refrigerator so they cool down faster. Place them against your skin till the irritation subsides.

Wear Loose Clothing

This might not be a remedy but it could help with the itching. Wearing tight clothing will cause your clothes to come into direct contact with your skin which could lead to itching and discomfort. Switch to loose clothing at the start of the itch and until it stops.

How To Prevent Pubic Hair Itching When Growing Back

The best steps to take to prevent the itch would have to be done before, during, and right after shaving

Use a Sharp Razor

The importance of a sharp razor cannot be over-emphasized. Dull blades won’t only cut poorly but it also means you would have to go over an area more than once which would increase the chances of irritation.

Razor can get dull faster depending on the type. Also, some razors might not cut as well as others regardless of how new they are.

In the market, you will come across stainless steel and ceramic-type blades if you are going for an electric pubic hair trimmer. Always stick to trimmers with ceramic-type blades and look for options with self-sharpening technology.

Self-sharpening technology means that the blades will sharpen themselves while in use ensuring that they will remain sharp at all times.

Prep Yourself

Shaving when dry might be considered the best time, however, shaving mid-shower reduces the chances of your encountering problems later on.

You won’t have to get wet before you start shaving, but applying shaving gel would come in handy. Also, you can use warm water to soften the skin and hair making it not only easier to cut but also ensuring that it grows back properly.

Exfoliating the area is also a good idea. This will remove deal skin cells that would otherwise disrupt hair growth and cause problems like ingrown hairs which usually start with itching.

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Start by Trimming

If you’re going to remove your pubes hair entirely and you’re sporting a bush down there, you shouldn’t go first with the razor. Start by trimming your pubic hair down to half an inch to make it easier to shave with a razor.

Shave in the direction of hair growth: This is very common advice when it comes to manscaping but very few men stick to it or even know what it means.

To find the direction of hair growth, you will need a credit card or any card you can find.

Glide the long edge of the car along your skin to see in which direction you are pulling the hair up and in which one you are laying it down.

The direction in which you are laying it down is with the grain and is the direction of hair growth while the direction in which you are lifting the hair is against the grain.

When hair is shaved against the grain, it would leave a sharp edge. The issue is that hair grows at a slight downward angle and this sharp edge will poke at the side of the follicle causing your pubes to itch.

Wrapping Up

If you’re only dealing with itching when your pubic hair grows back, they aren’t usually a big problem.

Under normal circumstances, this would go away on its own, however, you might find yourself in uncomfortable situations due to the constant itch.

You can apply the solutions above to give you some comfort. One of the best remedies to apply is to stop wearing tight clothing.

This is quite important as it would irritate sensitive skin and lead to itching. If that doesn’t help, you can go ahead and apply the other solutions in this article.

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