How To Trim Your Pubic Hair For Guys

how to trim your pubic hair for guys

There is absolutely no healthy reason to trim your pubes but keeping a triangle of tresses on your private parts and allowing it to grow into a bush doesn’t always make for a pretty sight.

And if even if you’re not irked out by the sight of it, your partner might not be so understanding.

This guide on how to trim your pubic hair for guys will help you get rid of any excess hairs with ease.

Guide On How To Trim Your Pubic Hair For Guys

Prepping Your Pubic Area For Trimming


When trimming your pubic hair, you’d want to be extra careful. This is a sensitive area that houses some of your most sensitive parts and diving in with sharp objects would lead to serious complications if you get anything wrong.

Clean Your Tools

Ensure that your grooming kit is entirely clean. You should have a separate grooming kit for your pubes as multitasking with tools could lead to infections being introduced from other parts of your body to your pubes.

Before using the tools, soak them in a disinfectant for about 10 minutes or simply clean them with rubbing alcohol.

If you’re using an electric trimmer, there should be no cleaning involved. You should always clean your trimmer right after every use under a running tap (if waterproof) or with a cloth. Ensure that the trimmer dries out before taking it back to storage.

Bathe Before Grooming

This depends on the tool you’re shaving with. If you’re going for scissors, then you should shave dry. If you’re going in with an electric trimmer, then you should consider bathing right before shaving. This not only helps to clean and soften your skin but also allows your hair to expand.


Exfoliating the skin is simply removing dead skin cells that would otherwise clog up hair follicles and lead to ingrown hair. You will need a loofah or a gentle scrub to exfoliate.

Using A Trimmer

A trimmer is an electric grooming device designed to deliver a close shave. They usually come with rounded blades that will deliver clean cuts on the pubes without irritating.

If you don’t own a trimmer or you’re looking to buy one, always go for a waterproof body trimmer that allows for shaving in the shower and easy cleaning.


  • Trimmers usually come with hair settings. Start with the longest hair setting before moving down to a shorter setting.
  • If you prefer doing it in the shower with a waterproof body trimmer, apply a thin layer of cream beforehand.
  • Ensure to shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • You should be able to trim to the desired length in a single stroke if you’re using a trimmer with sharp blades.

Wrapping Up

If you want smooth pubic hair, you should dedicate a good amount of time to the process. Rushing things would only lead to irritation, electric razor burns, itchy pubic hair, and other skin problems.

Trimming is best done with a high-quality trimmer as this tool is better suited for working on sensitive areas.

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